Its been a while since my last post, but since November, I have discovered a large amount of new music and new bands. One band that has stood out to me is the pop-punk band Waterparks. I love pop-punk and edgy music and Waterparks delivers just that. The group from Houston, Texas is composed of Awsten Knight (lead vocals and guitar), Geoff Wignington (lead guitar) and Otto Wood (drums). Waterparks have released three EP’s and released their debut album Double Dare back in November. I throughly enjoyed listening to this album because it is fun to listen to and incorporates many different sounds. Their sound is pop-punk with electric influences that make you want to sing and rock out when listening to their music. The guys in this group have an infectious, fun attitude that makes them very personable. The image of Waterparks itself is fun and inviting and fans literally feel like they are friends with the members and Knights vibrant blue hair is very distinct. Double Dare is one of those albums that understands those fans of alternative and pop-punk music and the songs are relatable. The lyrics are fun and meaningful at the same time which work harmoniously with Knights melodious vocals. Some of my favorite songs from this album are “21 Questions”, “I’ll Always Be Around”, “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”, “Royal” and “Stupid For You”. I honestly love every song off of this album and love listening to Double Dare over and over again; it honestly never gets old. Waterparks have released music videos for “Royal” and “Stupid for You” which perfectly capture the nature of Waterparks and depict the character of  band. Waterparks has recently become one of my favorite pop-punk bands and since they are a young band, I am excited to follow them throughout their musical career and see what they will create next.  This past summer, Waterparks toured on Warped Tour and is currently on their first headlining tour throughout the months of February and March. Waterparks is for fans of Blink-182, Paramore, State Champs, With Confidence, and Neck Deep.

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Neck Deep

neckdeep_twitter01Pop-Punk is one of my favorite genres of music. I love the edgy lyrics and edgy vibe; that “teen angst” kind of feel that this genre is associated with. There are many great pop-punk bands out there that capture this vibe, however, one of my favorite bands is Neck Deep. Neck Deep is a Welsh pop-punk group that has gained attention throughout the underground music scene. They have been featured in Alternative Press, Kerrang!, Rock Sound, and other magazines and have played at Vans Warped Tour. Neck Deep is a five piece band with a drummer, two guitarists, and a bass player. What really makes this band come together is the rough but melodic vocals of their frontman, Ben Barlow. Barlow gives Neck Deep a distinct character and separates them from other pop-punk bands. Neck Deep’s latest album Life’s Not Out to Get You, released in 2015, encases everything that pop-punk is about. Edgy lyrics, rough vocals, and heavy chords, are displayed throughout the album. Some personal favorites from this album are “Kali Ma”, “December”, and “Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors”. When it come to the personality of the band, you can see that they are all about the punk vibe. This is exhibited throughout their music videos and how they play during a live performance. In many of their music videos, they feature film from their actual performances. Personally, I like that they show footage from performing; it displays Neck Deep’s talent and love for what they do as a band. Not only can you see that they love performing, but they are a band who care about their fans and appreciate the fan’s support. It is always refreshing to know that fans are greatly appreciated by the bands. Lastly, the image of Neck Deep shows they are true pop-punk band. I recommend checking out some of Neck Deep’s music videos. The band recently released a part one and part two music video for “December”. “Kali Ma” is another great video to look at because it shows a fun side to the guys and is simply a fun video to watch. Neck Deep is one of my favorites and if you want to look more into Neck Deep, then go to Alternative Press’s website because they have great, in-depth pieces on Neck Deep. If you want more pop-punk, check out my suggested playlists tab!

The Montell Jordans

a2037575225_16Are you into pop-punk music and looking for a new band to listen to? Well, the Montell Jordans are definitely a band you should look up and start listening to. TMJ is a band from San Diego, CA. The band consists of four members: Tim Kilcourse, who is lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Baghai who plays the lead guitar, Brian Budnar who plays bass and Matt Price who plays the drums. TMJ is a talented rising rock band that features definite sounds of pop-punk and hardcore rock beats. TMJ’s debut album Sweater Puppies clearly reflects and captures these rock and punk roots especially in songs like “I’m Not Your Father, But You Can Call Me Daddy” and “Pain Don’t Hurt (Terrified)”. Along with their debut album, TMJ released a music video for “I’m Not Your Father, But You Can Call Me Daddy” which characterizes the punk and rock roots that TMJ are striving for. TMJ is the kind of band you would see at Vans Warped Tour and one day, you may just see them playing one of the stages. Some bands that I would say are similar to TMJ are Knuckle Puck and 2000’s era Fall Out Boy. The Montell Jordans are surely a band that you should keep an eye on if you are into the pop-punk or punk-rock music scene. These four men are very talented and they will surely grow as their musical career progresses. I know that I’ll be watching their progress and am excited to see where TMJ will go. Everyone should go and check out their music video and listen to Sweater Puppies which can be found on Spotify, The Montell Jordans website and on YouTube. Also go check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and go give them a like and a follow!  Here is the link to their new music video and the link to TMJ website.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEJX9Gk4KfI

WEBSITE: http://www.themontelljordans.com/