Night Riots

265889I have recently discovered a new band, Night Riots, who just released their debut album, Love Gloom, in October, and I am very happy I came across this band. I love hearing new sounds and diversity in music but while still keeping a rock tone. Night Riots perfectly capture  diverse sounds while still keeping  rock vibes. I found this band through other bands I listen to from the same record label, Sumerian Records. Sumerian is known for creating and producing bands with diverse sounds such as I See Stars, Palaye Royale, and many more. Night Riots is composed of five members; Travis Hawley (vocals), Rico Rodriguez (drums), Matt DePauw (guitar), Mikel van Kranenburg (Bass), and Nick Fotinakes (guitar). The best way to describe their sound is dance-rock. Each instrument played creates chords that are fun, catchy, and gripping and you want to keep listening to them, even when the album ends. The unique vocals of Hawley are strong and at times even haunting and accompanied with the sound of the instruments, they masterfully craft a unique sound that all fits perfectly together. I recommend listening to their entire album, but some songs that stand out to me are “Work It”, “Nothing Personal”, and “Contagious”. Night Riots have also released  music videos for “Contagious” and “Nothing Personal” which exhibit their showmanship. It is clear that they are passionate about music and about creating unique sounds. For people who are looking for a rock band that has a twist with modern dance beats should absolutely check out Night Riots. Download their album from iTunes, stream it off Spotify…whatever source you use to get music from, check them out. I am so happy to have discovered this band and their musical talent and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future. For their first album, they did a great job and their talent should be shared. Go check them out and even give them a follow on Instagram or a like on Facebook.