Joeyi-“Take This Rose”

KZHANYfvAlthough I usually blog about rock and alternative music, it is still incredibly important to celebrate other genres as well. This particular post will be focused on Joe Infurchia, otherwise known as “Joeyi” and he is making a name for himself in the singer-songwriter world. Joeyi has obtained two degrees in music from both the University of Connecticut and Western Connecticut State University and has opened his own studio in Fairfield County, CT, particularly the regions of Bethel, Redding, and Ridgefield. He is also a member of ASCAP and he is even related to Beethoven himself. Joeyi has recently released a single called “Take This Rose” which features him playing the piano and singing. The song begins with the piano playing some airy and upbeat chords, that sets the fun and bouncy tone for the rest of the song. The piano and the vocals compliment each other extremely well and its very hard not to start bopping along and dancing to the song. This is such a catchy and entertaining song; the piano part is beautiful and the lyrics are also fun, yet thoughtful. When I hear this song, for some reason, it reminds me of walking in Central Park, or walking up and down Park Ave. Its a very happy, upbeat, and cheery song, so if you are looking for some feel-good vibes, go and check out Joeyi’s music. You can find “Take This Rose” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and CD Baby.




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