Its been a while since my last post, but since November, I have discovered a large amount of new music and new bands. One band that has stood out to me is the pop-punk band Waterparks. I love pop-punk and edgy music and Waterparks delivers just that. The group from Houston, Texas is composed of Awsten Knight (lead vocals and guitar), Geoff Wignington (lead guitar) and Otto Wood (drums). Waterparks have released three EP’s and released their debut album Double Dare back in November. I throughly enjoyed listening to this album because it is fun to listen to and incorporates many different sounds. Their sound is pop-punk with electric influences that make you want to sing and rock out when listening to their music. The guys in this group have an infectious, fun attitude that makes them very personable. The image of Waterparks itself is fun and inviting and fans literally feel like they are friends with the members and Knights vibrant blue hair is very distinct. Double Dare is one of those albums that understands those fans of alternative and pop-punk music and the songs are relatable. The lyrics are fun and meaningful at the same time which work harmoniously with Knights melodious vocals. Some of my favorite songs from this album are “21 Questions”, “I’ll Always Be Around”, “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”, “Royal” and “Stupid For You”. I honestly love every song off of this album and love listening to Double Dare over and over again; it honestly never gets old. Waterparks have released music videos for “Royal” and “Stupid for You” which perfectly capture the nature of Waterparks and depict the character of  band. Waterparks has recently become one of my favorite pop-punk bands and since they are a young band, I am excited to follow them throughout their musical career and see what they will create next.  This past summer, Waterparks toured on Warped Tour and is currently on their first headlining tour throughout the months of February and March. Waterparks is for fans of Blink-182, Paramore, State Champs, With Confidence, and Neck Deep.

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