Palaye Royale

5ac9ad5fcc2e788df47589399506a8a9_originalI love to discover new music, and one band I came across this past summer was the fashion-rock trio, Palaye Royale. I found them through the Vans Warped Tour Instagram account which I follow avidly because they constantly post and promote bands. Palaye performed throughout the entire summer at Warped and have been touring for most of the year. This group composed of Remington Leith (vocals), Emerson Barrett (drums), and Sebastian Danzig (guitar/organs) are an extremely talented group of young men who have combined many different rock sounds to create their own unique twist on fashion-rock.  Their debut album, Boom Boom Room, released this past June was a lot of fun to listen to. Each song sounds different but keeps a constant rock theme throughout the album. The lyrics are thoughtful and well-written, which I feel is very important, and combined with Leith’s vocals, you are left with raspy, haunting, chords and raw sounds which make you want to keep listening. When I listen to Palaye’s songs, I feel that I am being told a story and the album leaves you wanting to hear more. The entire Boom Boom Room album is worth listening to, but some songs that stand out to me are “Mr. Doctor Man”, “Ma Cherie”(ft. Kellin Quinn), “Where is the Boom” and “Warhol”. This album perfectly displays the diverse sounds and talents of each member of the trio. Another song, released from a previous EP that is also worth listening to is “Die For Something Beautiful”. This song captures many different emotions and is written beautifully as well and it is one my favorite songs by Palaye. Music videos have been released for “Mr. Doctor Man” and “Don’t Feel Quite Right” which display their passion for music. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than to see a band that truly embodies rock and roll vibes and truly enjoy what they are doing, all while putting their own distinctive qualities into the music as well. Palaye knows exactly how to do this and they do exactly that. They have their own distinctive look and certainly know how to grab attention and pull in an audience. Their live performances also exhibit their passion and fashion-rock vibes. For fans of anyone that listens to Sumerian Records, check them out if you haven’t already and fans of Kellin Quinn should listen to Palaye too. *Side Note-Sumerian Records have had an awesome and very successful year between the records and new artists they debuted.*  Palaye is certainly a band to watch and I am eager to see what they will create in the future. Palaye will soon be recording Boom Boom Room, Side B, which I am very excited to hear and in February will be touring with Andy Black and William Control.


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