Another Brick-Why I chose this name

71Okj3gDOxL._SL1473_Its been some time since my last post due to moving back in to school and getting back into the swing of things. Tonight, my post is going to be a little different than my usual posts. I thought that I would describe my blog name and why I chose this name. Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands; in my top three bands of all time to be exact. The Wall and Dark Side are also in my top ten favorite albums of all time. I have actually posted about Pink Floyd before, so if you are looking for more info on them, scroll down on my home page. As I have also mentioned before in my posts, I read into lyrics and read between the lines, really listening to what the words are saying. I chose to call my blog name “Another Brick in the Wall” because of the album The Wall and “Another Brick in The Wall(Part 1)”, “Another Brick in the Wall(Part 2)”, and “Another Brick in The Wall(Part 3)”. The “Another Brick” songs are all iconic, however the one that most people recognize is part 2. Part 2 tells the story of Waters who had issues with the school system and institutions that belittle and make people seem small; “As I thought about the idea, the wall became a metaphor for some of the mechanisms people and institutions use to keep the rest of us under their control and dictate how our lives should be led..”(Wall Street Journal). Not only was The Wall album a  metaphor about institutions that try to make people smaller but Rogers also says that it was the “start of an attempt to come out from behind my defenses and declare my vulnerability and acceptance of others. I have this huge desire to nail my colors to the mast of something that isn’t about confrontation but about cooperation” (Wall Street Journal). It is for this reason that The Wall and the “Another Brick” songs speak to me. It is not okay to make people small, for everyone is equal and in the world we live in today, we are becoming more understanding of one another and the current generations, including my own, have become much more accepting. I interpret “Another Brick in the Wall” by recognizing that, yes, we are all bricks in a wall, but we are special and talented in our own unique ways and the only way a wall can stay up, is if the bricks are strong and work together. We as humans must all work together for the world to go round and we must be understanding, cooperative, and strong. The entire all album tells a story featuring two discs (four sides in all). “Comfortably Numb” is another one of my all-time favorite songs and very much keeps the theme of the album going. In the end, I chose this name to say that I am another brick in the wall, but how I work with the other “bricks” and go along with my life will be what keeps the wall up and keeps everyone working together. We should all be understanding, caring, and appreciative of one another, because after all, we are all bricks in the wall. 

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