Eyes On Satellites

EOS Group.jpgThe genre of metal is growing into a stronger and more popular genre; this means more bands and groups are forming. One band that surely captures the post-hardcore and metal genre is Eyes on Satellites. Eyes on Satellites is a post-hardcore band from Boston, Mass, and have released their EP, Explorations and a single, Swan Song. The band consists of five members; Dave Longval (vocals), Will Lopez (vocals, guitar), Andrew Webster (guitar), Mark Thompson (drums) and Danny Looney (bass). As Eyes on Satellites says on their website, they want listeners to feel “equal” and “have a voice”. The lyrics in these songs capture that mission and, if you read the lyrics, the words describe feelings that everyone can relate to. I do not know about you, but as a music enthusiast and avid listener, lyrics are a very important aspect to a song for me. I look for depth and meaning in lyrics, and there is clearly meaning in Eyes on Satellites lyrics. All of their songs have depth to them, especially “Dollhouse” and “Swan Song”  Eyes on Satellites have also released a music video for their song, “Dollhouse”, which literally depicts dolls. This is a very creative concept and is also delivered well. On Eyes on Satellites YouTube page, there is an acoustic version of the song “Dollhouse” which shows that there is both a hardcore and soft side to Eyes on Satellites. If you are into metal and post-hardcore, I highly suggest you check out Eyes on Satellites. I would compare the sound of Eyes on Satellites to the post-hardcore bands of  August Burns Red and We Came As Romans. Eyes on Satellites is a band to look out for and they have a bright future ahead for them.Below are the links for their website and YouTube channel and also check them out on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find their music on iTunes and Spotify.

WEBSITE: http://www.eyesonsatellites.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ4-EliC6UUBRv9WaIKZb0w


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