Twentyone Pilots

twenty_one_pilots_0_1444999542.jpgWhen Blurryface was released (which has been about a year ago now) I could not stop listening to it. The sound is different and lyrics are unique. Considering I listen to a fair amount of alternative music and listen to many songs with a different kind of sound, Twentyone Pilots is something different altogether. The sound is something I still cannot completely describe, and I think that their sound can be interpreted. Twentyone Pilots has taken the music world by storm, especially in the alternative music world. The group consists of only two members, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, which is astonishing for the quality and depth of the music they put out. Personally, I like music that has depth to its lyrics and a great beat to rock out to; Twentyone Pilots meticulously covers both of these aspects. There is aesthetic appeal to both their music and their image. There is extreme talent between both of these men; for example, Tyler Joseph raps, sings, and plays many different instruments. Josh Dun is also a great instrumentalist and these traits can be heard in the entirety of Blurryface. There are sounds from the ukulele to melodic piano while on top of  rapping and other fascinating sounds that are different from typical alternative sounds. A popular song of their’s that has been on the radio recently is “Stressed Out”, but if you are not familiar with Twentyone Pilots or any of their songs, then I highly suggest you listen to them. My personal favorites are “Polarize”, “Message Man”, and “Not Today”, due to their musical versatility and lyrics, however any song off of Blurryface is great. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, I am looking forward to what you will come up with next and I am eagerly waiting for new material!


2 thoughts on “Twentyone Pilots

  1. Studio work is awesome but my youngest daughter wanted to see them so I took her one night. Call me old fashioned but watching two guys
    play and sing along with pre-recorded music just didn’t do anything for this old fart. But the kids were going nuts over them.


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