Warped Tour 2017

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It’s been a while since my last post, but this summer has been full of music and I’m back! Recently, I have been discovering tons of new music from Spotify, Alternative Press, and bands I see on Instagram. However, last Sunday I discovered several bands whose music I have not stopped listening too since. Last Sunday, Vans Warped Tour was set up in Hartford, CT at the Xfinity Theater and it was amazing. Although some of my favorites were there such as Neck Deep and Andy Black, I walked away with some new favorites. After walking around and seeing all the different tents, the first band I saw was New Years Day. I have never been an avid of listener of New Years Day, but after watching them live and seeing the passion that front-woman, Ash Costello, sings with, I can now say I am a fan. The hard-rock sounds of New Years Day are thunderous and melodic, and watching them live is truly an experience. The band is extremely passionate and are a thrill to watch. The band also engages with the crowd which allows for a connection between the fans and the band. I could not sit still while watching New Years Day and am happy to have seen them live. The other band that truly left me wanting to discover more of their music was post-hardcore band Too Close To Touch. Some of my friends had been watching their set so naturally I joined them. Frontman Keaton Pierce was putting on quite the show and the entire crowd was engaged. After listening to a few of their songs I knew this was a band I needed to learn more about.At the end of the set, the band performed the first song off of their latest album, (“Sympathy” from Haven’t Been Myself, released in 2016). This song made me stop and really listen and needless to say, it moved me. Pierce’s tenor voice starts off soft and melodic progresses into hardcore screaming and perfectly captures post-hardcore vibes. Too Close To Touch is now one of my new favorite bands and I am happy to have stumbled upon their set. Warped Tour was an awesome tour, not just because of the music, but because of the people that are there. Everyone is there to enjoy the music and have a great time, and my experience was nothing short of that. Warped Tour 2017 was amazing and I cannot wait to go back next year!

Future Theory-Debut EP “Fools Dream”


I love to discover new, underground bands, and when I noticed Future Theory through Twitter, I figured “why not listen to their EP”. When listening to up-and-coming bands, many times the music can be a hit or a miss; fortunately, Future Theory is most definitely a hit. The band is from Lincolnshire, UK and is composed of Max Sander on rhythm guitar and vocals, Chris Moore on lead guitar, Jake Scarbo on bass guitar, and Rohan Parrett on drums. In October 2016, Future Theory released their debut EP Fool’s Dream.  They are an alternative rock group that has “a distinctly moody, ambient sound” which is how the band describes themselves.  Their music is absolutely moody and eery but catchy and distinct as well. Sander’s vocals perfectly match the instrumental and create a unique psychedelic sound. Fool’s Dream, although only composed of six songs, clearly captures Future Dreams’s versatility and  the type of band they are setting out to be. Although the entire EP was great, “Eye of the Storm” and “Fools’ Dream” stand out to me the most. While many of the songs are a slower tempo, Future Theory shows they can be upbeat too with their song “Listen Closely”. It is clear that Future Theory strongly cares about music which is extremely important to not only me, but is also important for succeeding in the rock and alternative music scene.  I am so happy that I came across Future Theory on Twitter and hope to hear more from them; they have gained my follow on Spotify. Future Theory can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you can stream the EP from Spotify and their Band Camp page (I have included the link at the bottom of the post). Go and give Future Theory a follow and listen to them. You will not be disappointed.




Its been a while since my last post, but since November, I have discovered a large amount of new music and new bands. One band that has stood out to me is the pop-punk band Waterparks. I love pop-punk and edgy music and Waterparks delivers just that. The group from Houston, Texas is composed of Awsten Knight (lead vocals and guitar), Geoff Wignington (lead guitar) and Otto Wood (drums). Waterparks have released three EP’s and released their debut album Double Dare back in November. I throughly enjoyed listening to this album because it is fun to listen to and incorporates many different sounds. Their sound is pop-punk with electric influences that make you want to sing and rock out when listening to their music. The guys in this group have an infectious, fun attitude that makes them very personable. The image of Waterparks itself is fun and inviting and fans literally feel like they are friends with the members and Knights vibrant blue hair is very distinct. Double Dare is one of those albums that understands those fans of alternative and pop-punk music and the songs are relatable. The lyrics are fun and meaningful at the same time which work harmoniously with Knights melodious vocals. Some of my favorite songs from this album are “21 Questions”, “I’ll Always Be Around”, “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”, “Royal” and “Stupid For You”. I honestly love every song off of this album and love listening to Double Dare over and over again; it honestly never gets old. Waterparks have released music videos for “Royal” and “Stupid for You” which perfectly capture the nature of Waterparks and depict the character of  band. Waterparks has recently become one of my favorite pop-punk bands and since they are a young band, I am excited to follow them throughout their musical career and see what they will create next.  This past summer, Waterparks toured on Warped Tour and is currently on their first headlining tour throughout the months of February and March. Waterparks is for fans of Blink-182, Paramore, State Champs, With Confidence, and Neck Deep.

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Palaye Royale

5ac9ad5fcc2e788df47589399506a8a9_originalI love to discover new music, and one band I came across this past summer was the fashion-rock trio, Palaye Royale. I found them through the Vans Warped Tour Instagram account which I follow avidly because they constantly post and promote bands. Palaye performed throughout the entire summer at Warped and have been touring for most of the year. This group composed of Remington Leith (vocals), Emerson Barrett (drums), and Sebastian Danzig (guitar/organs) are an extremely talented group of young men who have combined many different rock sounds to create their own unique twist on fashion-rock.  Their debut album, Boom Boom Room, released this past June was a lot of fun to listen to. Each song sounds different but keeps a constant rock theme throughout the album. The lyrics are thoughtful and well-written, which I feel is very important, and combined with Leith’s vocals, you are left with raspy, haunting, chords and raw sounds which make you want to keep listening. When I listen to Palaye’s songs, I feel that I am being told a story and the album leaves you wanting to hear more. The entire Boom Boom Room album is worth listening to, but some songs that stand out to me are “Mr. Doctor Man”, “Ma Cherie”(ft. Kellin Quinn), “Where is the Boom” and “Warhol”. This album perfectly displays the diverse sounds and talents of each member of the trio. Another song, released from a previous EP that is also worth listening to is “Die For Something Beautiful”. This song captures many different emotions and is written beautifully as well and it is one my favorite songs by Palaye. Music videos have been released for “Mr. Doctor Man” and “Don’t Feel Quite Right” which display their passion for music. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than to see a band that truly embodies rock and roll vibes and truly enjoy what they are doing, all while putting their own distinctive qualities into the music as well. Palaye knows exactly how to do this and they do exactly that. They have their own distinctive look and certainly know how to grab attention and pull in an audience. Their live performances also exhibit their passion and fashion-rock vibes. For fans of anyone that listens to Sumerian Records, check them out if you haven’t already and fans of Kellin Quinn should listen to Palaye too. *Side Note-Sumerian Records have had an awesome and very successful year between the records and new artists they debuted.*  Palaye is certainly a band to watch and I am eager to see what they will create in the future. Palaye will soon be recording Boom Boom Room, Side B, which I am very excited to hear and in February will be touring with Andy Black and William Control.

Night Riots

265889I have recently discovered a new band, Night Riots, who just released their debut album, Love Gloom, in October, and I am very happy I came across this band. I love hearing new sounds and diversity in music but while still keeping a rock tone. Night Riots perfectly capture  diverse sounds while still keeping  rock vibes. I found this band through other bands I listen to from the same record label, Sumerian Records. Sumerian is known for creating and producing bands with diverse sounds such as I See Stars, Palaye Royale, and many more. Night Riots is composed of five members; Travis Hawley (vocals), Rico Rodriguez (drums), Matt DePauw (guitar), Mikel van Kranenburg (Bass), and Nick Fotinakes (guitar). The best way to describe their sound is dance-rock. Each instrument played creates chords that are fun, catchy, and gripping and you want to keep listening to them, even when the album ends. The unique vocals of Hawley are strong and at times even haunting and accompanied with the sound of the instruments, they masterfully craft a unique sound that all fits perfectly together. I recommend listening to their entire album, but some songs that stand out to me are “Work It”, “Nothing Personal”, and “Contagious”. Night Riots have also released  music videos for “Contagious” and “Nothing Personal” which exhibit their showmanship. It is clear that they are passionate about music and about creating unique sounds. For people who are looking for a rock band that has a twist with modern dance beats should absolutely check out Night Riots. Download their album from iTunes, stream it off Spotify…whatever source you use to get music from, check them out. I am so happy to have discovered this band and their musical talent and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future. For their first album, they did a great job and their talent should be shared. Go check them out and even give them a follow on Instagram or a like on Facebook.

The Master of Lyrics-Bob Dylan

4192Growing up, my dad was always playing all sorts of music that expanded over many different decades; everything from the fifties through the nineties. I grew up listening to a diverse pool of music such as doo-wop, rock, country, folk, and more. When I think of folk music, I think back to the sixties. Times of war, civil rights, JFK, the space race, the hippie movement, and much more. The music that came out of the sixties clearly reflects the events happening at the time and Bob Dylan perfectly captures the essence of sixties through his thoughtful and passionate lyrics. Dylan is widely recognized for his lyrics and has been an inspiration for many artists such as The Beatles. According to Rolling Stone, Dylan is the number 1 songwriter of all time. Dylan also rightfully landed a spot in the Rock Hall of Fame. Every song of Dylan’s has a message and if you read the lyrics, they are pure poetry. Many find that Dylan’s voice is a bit harsh to listen to, but I feel that his voice makes his music more authentic. It shows that a man who was passionate about certain political and social issues decided to write about the problems in the country and sang about them while playing a guitar and his harmonica. There is a passion in Dylan’s voice that not all artists capture and you can truly feel the passion when really listening to what the words are saying. There are no bad Dylan songs out there. Each one has its own personal message that wants to be shared with the world. Some powerful songs that come to mind now are “A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall”, “Like A Rolling Stone”, “The Times They Are a Changing”, “Hurricane”, and “Blowing in the Wind”. Each one these songs contains a message beautifully crafted by Dylan and the messages do not only tell us to be more understanding, but they teach us life lessons as well. Being a history minor and music lover, I find it fascinating how music reflects the times. Dylan captures the times perfectly and his lyrics can very well be applied to today. If you read or watch the news or see on social media, events within the past few years show turmoil in our country and others. History repeats itself, just in different ways, and the themes and messages from Dylan’s music can be applied once again, especially with the political division currently in the country. Honestly, no matter what party you identify with or how you feel about certain issues in the world or country, everyone should take a deep breath and listen to Bob Dylan or any folk/folk rock artist from the sixties. Listen to what is being said, get lost in the lyrics and things will be better for a little while. With a fast paced and continuously advancing world, we should all take a step back and listen to the music. After all, the times truly are a changing.

Source: Rolling Stone

Another Brick-Why I chose this name

71Okj3gDOxL._SL1473_Its been some time since my last post due to moving back in to school and getting back into the swing of things. Tonight, my post is going to be a little different than my usual posts. I thought that I would describe my blog name and why I chose this name. Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands; in my top three bands of all time to be exact. The Wall and Dark Side are also in my top ten favorite albums of all time. I have actually posted about Pink Floyd before, so if you are looking for more info on them, scroll down on my home page. As I have also mentioned before in my posts, I read into lyrics and read between the lines, really listening to what the words are saying. I chose to call my blog name “Another Brick in the Wall” because of the album The Wall and “Another Brick in The Wall(Part 1)”, “Another Brick in the Wall(Part 2)”, and “Another Brick in The Wall(Part 3)”. The “Another Brick” songs are all iconic, however the one that most people recognize is part 2. Part 2 tells the story of Waters who had issues with the school system and institutions that belittle and make people seem small; “As I thought about the idea, the wall became a metaphor for some of the mechanisms people and institutions use to keep the rest of us under their control and dictate how our lives should be led..”(Wall Street Journal). Not only was The Wall album a  metaphor about institutions that try to make people smaller but Rogers also says that it was the “start of an attempt to come out from behind my defenses and declare my vulnerability and acceptance of others. I have this huge desire to nail my colors to the mast of something that isn’t about confrontation but about cooperation” (Wall Street Journal). It is for this reason that The Wall and the “Another Brick” songs speak to me. It is not okay to make people small, for everyone is equal and in the world we live in today, we are becoming more understanding of one another and the current generations, including my own, have become much more accepting. I interpret “Another Brick in the Wall” by recognizing that, yes, we are all bricks in a wall, but we are special and talented in our own unique ways and the only way a wall can stay up, is if the bricks are strong and work together. We as humans must all work together for the world to go round and we must be understanding, cooperative, and strong. The entire all album tells a story featuring two discs (four sides in all). “Comfortably Numb” is another one of my all-time favorite songs and very much keeps the theme of the album going. In the end, I chose this name to say that I am another brick in the wall, but how I work with the other “bricks” and go along with my life will be what keeps the wall up and keeps everyone working together. We should all be understanding, caring, and appreciative of one another, because after all, we are all bricks in the wall. 

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Led Zeppelin

Led-Zeppelin1Led Zeppelin is in my top three favorite bands of all time, and if I could choose to see any band ever throughout history to perform live again, it would most definitely be Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin, which was composed of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, drummer John Bonham, and bassist John Paul Jones, were a groundbreaking rock band from the UK who came to the United States to be discovered. Their sound was accepted widely throughout the U.S. and they wound up signing a record deal. Led Zeppelin is revered as one of the ultimate classic rock bands who not only sang rock and roll but lived it as well. They fully embodied the rock and roll culture and left their mark on the rock and roll world. Their first album Led Zeppelin was released in 1969, (which features the popular song “Dazed and Confused”) became a huge success and would then obviously spark more albums to come. Next, was Led Zeppelin II, featuring songs like “Whole Lotta Love”, “The Lemon Song”, and “Ramble On”. This also gained popularity and was very successful. Next released was Led Zeppelin III and then Led Zeppelin IV. Led Zeppelin IV is by far one of my favorite albums of all time. It is definitely in my top five favorites. This album alone was revolutionary due to the song “Stairway to Heaven” which to this day is still the most demanded and number 1 requested rock song on charts. This shows that Led Zeppelin’s impact and influence remains and is widely used in the music industry today. This entire album, in my opinion, is a journey, especially if you listen to the album on vinyl. From “Black Dog” to “Going to California” and all the songs in between and after, this album is Led Zeppelin at its finest. Following this album was Houses of the Holy, and a few albums followed in between. But in 1979, Led Zeppelin released In Through the Outdoor. This album is very different then the usual Zeppelin material. The sound is different along with the vocals, but overall, it is still a great album. This album features songs like “Fool in the Rain” and “In the Evening”. Led Zeppelin became more than just a band because they disbanded letting the world know that they WERE rock and roll. They put on a great show that could last hours, and as I have heard, these shows were well worth the wait and you would never be bored during a show. Robert Plant was a true showman and his vocals were very distinct which also gave Led Zeppelin a certain character. I truly do wish that I could time travel and go back to one of Led Zeppelin’s shows. They rightfully earned a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and according to Rolling Stone, John Bonham is the number 1 drummer of all time and also according to Rolling Stone, Jimmy Page is the third best guitarist of all time. In case you are wondering, Jimi Hendrix is number 1 guitarist of all time, and rightfully so. Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980 after the death of their drummer John Bonham but the legacy never died. There will never be another Led Zeppelin but as they say, heroes get remembered, but legends never die and Led Zeppelin is here to stay and most definitely still alive.

The Ramones

Ramones_-_Ramones_coverTonight, I’m throwing it back it to mid 70’s. No, I was not alive during this time but I could only imagine what the music scene was like. The world itself was going through many issues such as the Vietnam War, the Cold War, communism, and more. Society was changing and so was the music scene. Amidst all the chaos and destruction, a new music genre and cultural movement formed; this was the creation of punk. As a history minor, I find it interesting to see how music changes and has an influence on society; it reflects what is going on in the world during specific times. When I think of punk, which started gaining popularity around 1976, I think of rebellion. This rebellion is reflected in the bands that formed through their lyrics, sound, and image. One of the most popular and influential bands of punk was the Ramones. The Ramones, Joey, Johnny, DeeDee, and Tommy created music inside a garage in Queens, NY. There sound was chaotic and so were their blunt, tongue-in-cheek lyrics; this chaos perfectly reflected the issues during this time in history. They released many albums such as Rocket to Russia which features many famous songs like “Sheena is  a Punk Rocker”, “Teenage Lobotomy”, and “We’re a Happy Family”. The Ramones concerts, let alone any punk concert, would be crazy and out of control, but it represented the new generation of youth culture for a part of the population of the world. The Ramones performed at CBGB’s in New York City which was a major hotspot for the punk scene. Fun fact: CBGB’s which stands for “Country, Blue Grass, and Blues” originally wanted to draw in a country crowd where these genres would be played, however, it turned into a punk hotspot. The Ramones sparked a vibe that would inspire many other bands and reached across the pond to the UK where British Punk was ruled by bands like the Sex Pistols and The Clash. The punk period is a fascinating time in history and if you appreciate both history and music history, it can be seen how music reflects the times. The Ramones are one of my all-time favorites and have rightfully earned a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The impact the Ramones had on punk was tremendous and they are still a highly respected and influential band and are an inspiration for many bands and artists today. If you are looking for more punk, check out my suggested playlist tab!

Neck Deep

neckdeep_twitter01Pop-Punk is one of my favorite genres of music. I love the edgy lyrics and edgy vibe; that “teen angst” kind of feel that this genre is associated with. There are many great pop-punk bands out there that capture this vibe, however, one of my favorite bands is Neck Deep. Neck Deep is a Welsh pop-punk group that has gained attention throughout the underground music scene. They have been featured in Alternative Press, Kerrang!, Rock Sound, and other magazines and have played at Vans Warped Tour. Neck Deep is a five piece band with a drummer, two guitarists, and a bass player. What really makes this band come together is the rough but melodic vocals of their frontman, Ben Barlow. Barlow gives Neck Deep a distinct character and separates them from other pop-punk bands. Neck Deep’s latest album Life’s Not Out to Get You, released in 2015, encases everything that pop-punk is about. Edgy lyrics, rough vocals, and heavy chords, are displayed throughout the album. Some personal favorites from this album are “Kali Ma”, “December”, and “Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors”. When it come to the personality of the band, you can see that they are all about the punk vibe. This is exhibited throughout their music videos and how they play during a live performance. In many of their music videos, they feature film from their actual performances. Personally, I like that they show footage from performing; it displays Neck Deep’s talent and love for what they do as a band. Not only can you see that they love performing, but they are a band who care about their fans and appreciate the fan’s support. It is always refreshing to know that fans are greatly appreciated by the bands. Lastly, the image of Neck Deep shows they are true pop-punk band. I recommend checking out some of Neck Deep’s music videos. The band recently released a part one and part two music video for “December”. “Kali Ma” is another great video to look at because it shows a fun side to the guys and is simply a fun video to watch. Neck Deep is one of my favorites and if you want to look more into Neck Deep, then go to Alternative Press’s website because they have great, in-depth pieces on Neck Deep. If you want more pop-punk, check out my suggested playlists tab!